Middle Earth Is Getting Bigger


Lord of the Rings Online is bucking the trend for new MMOs and actually attracting new customers.

When a new MMO goes up against World of Warcraft it’s not just a David and Goliath deal, it’s a David and several Goliaths who have combined to form a Voltron-esque gestalt entity, Ultra-Goliath, if you will. So when something stands up to the blizzard (sorry) and survives, it’s always a little heartening.

And that’s exactly what LotRO has done. In an interview with VG247, Aaron Campbell, live producer for the game was asked if Turbine had seen a decline in activity, or if there were plans to merge severs at some point in the future. The response was a categorical ‘no’, and Mr. Campbell said that the user base was actually expanding.

“If anything, The Lord of the Rings Online is growing,” he said. “We have no plans to merge servers. And please don’t mention it, it makes me twitch unpleasantly.”

Source: via Kotaku

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