MindsEye Is a AAA Game From Grand Theft Auto Producer & It's Part of the Experimental Everywhere Project

MindsEye Is a AAA Action Game from GTA Producer, Part of the ‘Everywhere’ Project

Indie developer Build a Rocket Boy (BARB) has unveiled a teaser trailer for MindsEye, a AAA experience that will be made available as part of its ambitious new gaming platform, Everywhere. The project, which is being overseen by BARB studio head and former Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies, is a third-person, story-driven action game not unlike the Grand Theft Auto series, and its visuals are already impressive. Other than its future-set story and action gameplay, the teaser doesn’t reveal much else about this strange project.

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MindsEye is particularly interesting as it will be a full-fledged release inside of BARB’s Everywhere gaming platform. This experimental hub was first revealed at Gamescom 2022. Even during this initial reveal, however, fans weren’t sure what to make of Everywhere. You can see its announcement video below.

At the time, BARB simply described Everywhere as a “new multi-world game experience that blurs the line between reality and the digital world.” Now, we have a bit more insight into what the indie studio has in store thanks to a preview from VGC. In short, Everywhere is an online open-world game that offers different gameplay genres and player creation tools. The site describes its central hub, Utropia, as a futuristic town surrounded by grass, canyon, and volcano biomes. Each of these biomes (and more) will offer players challenges, with content added over time.

Besides Utropia, Everywhere players will be able to visit at least four other districts: Combat, Racing, Entertainment, and Collection. Each location focuses on different specific offerings, with the Combat District allowing players to engage in third-person shooting mechanics and player-generated creations available to try out. The Racing District features racing gameplay instead of combat, of course, and the Collection District is a central area for players to enjoy and share all of their creations.

The Entertainment District, on the other hand, is a totally different beast. This is where players will enjoy an art gallery, DJ, cinema room – and products like MindsEye. VGC says that the Entertainment District is where it saw a Game Lobby door, which, when entered, showed today’s MindsEye teaser trailer. It seems as though this AAA experience will be playable within Everywhere, but how it all comes together is one big mystery. Expect Everywhere on PC this year and other platforms sometime in the future.

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