Minecraft Creation More Or Less Apes Mario Kart 64


Is there anything you can’t build in Minecraft? If an upcoming “Mario Kart 64” tournament is any indication, the answer is “no.”

Crafted by a group calling themselves “WorldGoodSquad,” MineKart 64 is exactly what the title implies: An attempt by creative Minecraft players to cobble together a playable adaptation of Mario Kart within Mojang’s hit sandbox game. As for the results of this high-concept creation, well, you can see for yourself how things turned out in the video embedded at right.

Now in fairness, this isn’t so much Mario Kart recreated within Minecraft as it’s a Mario Kart track recreated within Minecraft, with a rough, blocky approximation of a go-kart race slapped on top of it. There aren’t even any items to collect and launch at your fellow racers.

Still, despite these omissions, and the lack of characters who could pass as suitable doppelgängers of Nintendo’s most famous faces, you can’t deny the creativity and effort that went into creating an apparently functional go-kart track within Minecraft, a game that otherwise features nothing even remotely like this. If nothing else, MineKart 64 stands as yet another testament to just how far people can push the Minecraft engine, and also how much free time the Minecraft community apparently has. Forget jobs, do these people ever sleep?

If watching that clip piqued your interest in MineKart 64, you’ll be happy to hear that a tournament is being set up for the creation. You can find full details on the official Minecraft Forums, including information on how to download MineKart 64 into your copy of Minecraft. As you’d expect, this means that you will need a copy of Minecraft to enjoy the faux Mario Kart action you’ve just seen.

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