The developer behind Minecraft says he’ll be implementing a new mode that will cause entire worlds to vanish.

One of the best parts of Minecraft is that it gives players the ability to build their own unique worlds. Some choose to make their worlds into the Starship Enterprise, while others build computers and floating cities. In a new mode Minecraft developer Marcus Persson hopes to implement, all of that hard work could go down the drain when you die.

Yes, according to a short message by Persson today on his blog, a “hardcore” mode is coming to Minecraft. If you die when it’s switched on, so does your world, along with every amazing to perverted creation you plopped down.

“I’m definitely going to add hardcore mode to the game where dying will destroy the world,” Persson writes. “I’m not sure how it would work in multiplayer, though.. Perhaps you could get ‘banned’ from the server until the world resets if you die on a server running hardcore mode.”

The mode was inspired by an experiment over at PC Gamer where a player has promised to delete his Minecraft world if he dies. This is a perfect example of why everyone should want indie games like Minecraft to succeed. If an independent developer has a clever idea or notices something cool, it can go right into a game without budget discussions or a frustrating approval process.

It’s tough to lose a built-up character in the hardcore modes of other titles like Diablo, but it’d be straight up heartbreaking to die in Minecraft and lose your entire world. Persson only briefly mentioned the future hardcore mode, so it may not be released for quite a while, but keep an eye out for it on the blocky horizon.

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