Minecraft‘s 1.2 beta update added musical blocks that are already being put to good use, Portal style.

Minecraft is apparently aiming to become the be-all end-all of creation games. With the addition of musical note blocks in Minecraft‘s 1.2 beta update, we’re soon to see a wave of popular music written in the game along with its interesting physical builds. Where better to start than with Jonathan Coulton’s Still Alive from the ending of Portal?

YouTube’s Tritex989, also known as Mikael, has already put together a successful first rendition of the popular Coulton song using only note blocks. With the flip of a switch and some well-placed torches, Mikael’s Minecraft version of Still Alive is perfectly timed out right until its second phrase. Hopefully, he’ll expand the song to play in its entirety.

You do all realize what this means, right? Minecraft has become the next Mario Paint:

And the next LittleBigPlanet:

Not only will we be inundated with Minecraft versions of objects like the Starship Enterprise, but the theme songs associated with these objects too. The music from Star Trek can not be far behind. Is there anything Minecraft won’t end up doing?

Source: Reddit

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