Miracle of Sound Debuting New Mass Effect Song on BioWare TV


The crew of the Normandy is set to get a new battlecry, and just in time too.

It’s almost time, guys. The machines lurk no longer in dark space; Commander Shepard has a lot do. Specifically, s/he’s got to choose a battlecry, a rousing song to blare from the bow of the Normandy as it catapults itself around the galaxy in search of war and glory (and maybe some other things too). But what to choose? Never fear! Gavin Dunne, the mind and voice behind Miracle of Sound, will take to BioWare TV’s livestream tonight at 8:00 p.m. PST to debut a new Mass Effect song entitled Take It Back.

You’ll be able to watch the whole thing right here. In addition to showcasing the new song, which features a video created by BioWare staff, Gavin will be chatting with various team members who worked on Mass Effect 3.

Miracle of Sound has so far released two Mass Effect songs – the lyrically-diverse Commander Shepard and the bang-up epic Normandy – which address different aspects of the Commander’s galaxy in different ways. What’s next, I wonder?

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