Just as Mirror’s Edge is launching on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Electronic Arts has announced that the PC version will ship in January 2009.

A PC version of the highly anticipated first-person action game was known to be in the works, but an actual release date has been kept firmly under wraps until today’s announcement. EA also revealed that the PC launch will coincide with the release of new Mirror’s Edge DLC from EA studio DICE, the developer behind the original game, for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

Mirror’s Edge tells the story of Faith, a courier living in a dystopian future in which all communications and data movement is closely monitored by the government. As a result, the only way to confidentially move information is through the use of “runners” like Faith, who employ vertigo (and chunder)-inducing maneuvers through the dizzying heights of a vast cityscape. When her sister is framed for murder, Faith finds herself on the run from a totalitarian regime bent on her elimination.

“We set out to create a game unlike any other; from the core gameplay controls to the main character and the look of the world, we wanted to give gamers a new experience,” said DICE Senior Producer Owen O’Brien. “We’re eager for players to experience what true first-person movement feels like in a game. Faith is a very human heroine with no super powers or even a weapon that has been put in an extraordinary situation where she must rely on her agility, intelligence and strength to stay alive.”

Unlike other first-person games, Mirror’s Edge is noteworthy for having no HUD, as well as the focus on “body awareness” – visible arms, legs and even torso that enhance the feeling of real motion in the game’s environment. Some of that feeling has been a little too real, even for some seasoned FPS veterans – see above – leading to the inclusion of an optional, small targeting reticule as a focal point for woozy gamers.

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