Bad Ridge & V Publishing reveal the announcement trailer for Mirthwood, a medieval fantasy life-sim RPG inspired by Fable & Stardew Valley.

Mirthwood Is a Life-Sim RPG Inspired by Fable & Stardew Valley

Developer Bad Ridge Games and publisher V Publishing have revealed Mirthwood, a medieval fantasy life-sim RPG inspired by Fable and Stardew Valley that is set to come to PC in early 2024. A trailer properly revealing the project was published today, aiming to clue players into how it will offer a life-sim adventure that takes itself a bit more seriously than the competition. See the new land you’ll get to inhabit in the Mirthwood reveal trailer below.

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While Fable, Stardew Valley, and other popular RPG adventures have given players a whimsical adventure, Mirthwood looks like a darker fairy tale. Bad Ridge’s debut title starts as the player character arrives in a new land after fleeing a war-torn continent – but the future is unwritten. It’s here that players can choose to settle down for a quiet life of farming and social activity or set out on dangerous quests. It’s a single-player journey set in an open world with non-linear progression that gives players secrets to uncover and monsters to battle no matter what path they take.

The Mirthwood journey leaves the door open for anyone to choose their own future, but Bad Ridge and V Publishing promise that every option has been given the proper care for every type of player. Social interaction, for example, is fleshed out with a “Sims-like relationship system” that lets players build friendships to gain rewards and quests. On the other side of the coin is the real-time combat, something only seen briefly in today’s trailer. It all takes place across six regions and three distinct towns that have been hand-drawn in a style that fits that bleak fantasy setting.

Mirthwood comes to PC early next year. Stay tuned for any updates from Bad Ridge and V Publishing.

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