Mists of Pandaria Unboxing: There’s a Bear in the Box


It’s time to peer behind the mists – the Mists of Pandaria!

That’s a heck of a box, eh? It took a couple minutes of yelling at the UPS guy before I figured out it’s supposed to be like that. Boy, that’s egg on my face. Anyway, let’s rip this sucker open!

It’s actually less “rip” and more “lift carefully” – these things aren’t cheap, you know – but with the cover removed, we’re greeted by what appears to be a cross between David Carradine, Deadpool and, of course, a panda. That sure is a nice bracelet he’s wearing. My mom has one just like it. Suddenly he doesn’t seem quite so imposing.

The artwork inside is nothing short of gorgeous, as you’d expect from a Blizzard production, but we’re not here to gawk at pretty pictures! Carrying on, then, we get to what’s underneath: a soundtrack disc, a “behind the scenes” DVD/Blu-ray set, “guest passes” for World of Warcraft and StarCraft II and a very groovy mouse pad featuring an image of what appears to be a cross between Chris Potter, Iron Fist and… I don’t know, maybe a panda?

It’s a nice set, perhaps not the most spectacular collector’s edition I’ve ever seen, but not much more than the price of a regular retail game, either. Speaking of which, there’s also a copy of the game in here – I may have neglected to mention that.

The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition (and regular editions, too) hits retail shelves tomorrow.

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