MLB 2K10 Predicts World Series Winner


2K Sports ran extensive tests and stat simulations in MLB 2K10 to determine the winner of the 2010 World Series of baseball.

According to a simulation run in MLB 2K10, the super-underdog San Francisco Giants will be this year’s World Series winner. The simulation used “Inside Edge Data technology” to determine that the Giants would win in seven stressful games against the Yankees, taking San Francisco’s first Series win since the franchise moved out west in 1957. Outfielder Cody Ross will belt a two-run game winning home run in Game 7 and take home World Series MVP honors.

The simulation prognosticated that the vaunted New York Yankees would defeat the Texas Rangers in five games while the Giants beat out the Phillies stellar pitching staff in only six games in the National League Championship series.

These kind of videogame predictions are always fun, and sometimes they are even accurate. Before the season began, MLB 2K10 ran a season-long simulation and correctly guessed that the Giants and Rangers would make the postseason after a long playoff drought for those two teams.

I honestly don’t care about the outcome of these games, my Boston Red Sox had an off-year hampered by injuries, but I will be happy whoever wins the World Series just so long as the Yankees lose.

I freaking hate those guys.

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