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A man playing mobile games on a bus in China was accused of taking inappropriate photos and attacked by another passenger.

Say what you want about the convenience of driving, for our money we’ll take the bus. You board and sit down and then you’re free to kick back, relax and do pretty much any legal thing you feel like for the duration of your trip. For many, this means gaming. With mobile games now available countless phones and devices, it’s far from an uncommon sight to step on a public transit vehicle and find a few people happily tapping away at Angry Birds.

For one man unnamed man in the Chinese city of Jilin however, his mobile gaming led to his being assaulted by two other passengers. According to bus driver, identified as one Mr. Liu, the young man in question boarded the bus playing a game on his mobile phone, found a place to stand, and then continued playing his game. After a brief time however, a commotion drew Liu’s attention. “I turned around to see what was going on and then I saw a young man being roughed up by a another man and young lady standing to the side,” described Liu, who stopped the bus to intervene.

The woman involved in the altercation told Liu that the victim had remained standing close to her despite seats opening up. Hearing clicking sounds coming from the victim’s phone, she assumed he was taking pictures of her and the assailant stepped in to stop him. The victim of the assault claimed he had just been involved in his game and “didn’t even notice that seats had opened up.” He was quickly able to prove his innocence by showing Liu the game he’d been playing as well his photo-less phone.

While we could turn this into a PSA about the importance of being aware of you surroundings and what-not, you really have to question the logic of the woman for not simply moving to one of the seats she claims were opened. Obviously, if she felt threatened that’s no laughing matter. That said, what sense does it make to believe someone is taking inappropriate pictures of you, only to then stay where they can do so when you have the option to move? Clearly, inciting another passenger to attack the poor guy was the better choice.

Source: GuangMing Daily via Kotaku

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