Modder Creates Amazing Dreamcast Handheld


It’s impressive enough to create a hand held Dreamcast, but when it looks this good, it’s downright astounding.

The Dreamcast might not have survived its battle with the PlayStation 2, but the ill-fated console still holds a very special place in many gamers’ hearts. This makes modder Techknott’s incredibly professional looking Dreamcast handheld doubly exciting, not just because of how good it is, but also because it’s always great to see the console getting some love.

The handheld combines the innards of the console itself, a whole controller, a built in VMU (the Dreamcast’s memory card), disc drive and a screen. It can also be connected to a TV, and has space to plug in another VMU, as well as a SD card which is presumably for loading homebrew. It’s a very impressive modification, and really, the only downside is that we can’t all have one.

Source: Ben Heck Forum via DVice

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