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The GameCube will never die, and these new customized Joy-Con controllers are proof.

Twitter user Shank Mods shared his creation, saying that he “made the GameCube Joy-Con we all wish existed.” You (sadly) can’t purchase these inventive controllers, but Shank Mods did share a fairly detailed video showing eager fans how he made his modding masterpiece. Long story short, bringing together all of the necessary talent and pieces took a lot of time and planning, though the end result is incredible. If you’re tech-savvy and have the tools needed at your disposal, then try and follow the video below to make your own nostalgia-filled Switch centerpiece.

Shank Mods also shared a quick snippet of him using his new device to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

The creator had Super Smash Bros. in mind when he decided to put these controllers together and says that’s what he has used his new GameCube Joy-Con controllers for most. That said, the controllers are compatible with any game that runs on Switch. In fact, the GameCube controller mod can even be used as two sideways controllers for co-op play, just like the original Joy-Con. Though, maybe it’s best if we pretend the device doesn’t support this Frankenstein of a feature.

In order to make the device feel completely authentic, Shank Mods later created a mount that holds both of the controllers together; he says it makes them feel like the Nintendo GameCube’s wireless WaveBird controller. The only thing the controllers are missing is the Joy-Con’s infrared sensor.

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time the modder has made up an unorthodox gaming device. Checking the pinned tweet on the top of his Twitter account shows off a picture of Super Smash Bros. Melee running on a can of Altoids mints.


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