Modder’s Liquid Lifebar Shows Health Dips And Spikes In Real Time

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Terraria‘s fun, but this little gadget adds its own unique twist to play.

This self-taught modder picked up C# and Java by tinkering in his spare time, and drew on dim memories of college circuitry courses to put together this Liquid Lifebar, a fascinating device that shows mana and health dips and spikes in real time. If you’re not awed by the how-to, just skip forward in the video until about the 4.40 mark, when the Lifebar starts showing its potential.

“I don’t have any plans for an instructables or anything like that at this time,” says the modder, who goes by bfayer, though he has since put some of his work-in-progress videos up on YouTube. He still has some bugs to work out, the potential for algae-contaminated water being one, but so far he’s very pleased with the result. It’s actually intended to stick right through the desk, but his wife has vetoed that cunning plan. It wasn’t as cheap to do as he had hoped and skimping, he admits, resulted in total failure. “I eventually caved and just spent the money I knew was required to build it right,” he says.

For the moment, he’s just enjoying Terraria as seen in a whole different light. The endgame content seen in the video is something he and five friends worked on a while back, when they put together a boss summoning arena. “I hear some new content is coming,” says he, “so I might have another round!”

Source: Reddit

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