Modders Put Overwatch Characters Into Street Fighter V

I mean, why not put Overwatch characters into Street Fighter V?

Modders do all sorts of fun things with games, including moving their favorite characters from one game into another one. That’s happening with Overwatch characters now, as they’re starting to show up in Street Fighter V.

It began last week, when a modder named “TheJamk” used Cammy as the canvas for a Tracer mod. It worked fairly well, as you can see in the video below.

But that wasn’t all he managed. The JamK also has a Reinhardt mod that uses Zangief, and a mod that replaces R. Mika with Mei.

Another modder named Oscar Gunnarsson managed to replace Karin with D.Va to great effect.

Given the popularity of Overwatch, it’s no surprise to see its characters popping up in other places. I expect that we’ll see more mods like this for a number of games in the near future.

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