Modders Turn StarCraft 2 Into Survival Horror Game


Abandoned spaceships, flickering lights and a super-spooky atmosphere. No, you’ve not got the wrong game, it really is Starcraft 2.

Not everyone is into real time strategy games, but with StarCraft 2, that doesn’t seem to matter. If you don’t like RTS games, you can just mod it into something else and the latest mod to do exactly that is Project Vector, a survival horror game set in the StarCraft universe.

As you can probably see from the video, Project Vector is still a work in progress, and has more than a passing similarity to EA’s Dead Space. The team behind Project Vector – two guys form the SC2Mapster forums – admit that the Dead Space was an inspiration, but don’t want to just recreate the game using StarCraft 2. The mod has its own story, but apart from that, details about just what’s going on are scarce. The duo plans to release the mod in sections, because they feel it would take too long to make the whole game before making it available.

Project Vector is really a testament to both the pair’s skills, and to the versatility of the SC2 Galaxy Editor toolset. Way back when people were still playing the StarCraft 2 beta, someone managed to put together a kart racing game in just a day, and it’s clearly not taken people long to become more and more adept with the editor. I can’t wait to see what people come out with when they’ve had a year to play with it.

Source: Kotaku

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