Molydeux Condemns Microsoft’s Cubist Heresy


Peter Molyneux’s Twitter twin takes a swing at Microsoft with a new cube video.

When Peter Molyneux left Microsoft he did so on good terms, but felt that Microsoft’s corporate environment was smothering him creatively. He even went so far as to call Microsoft a “creative padded cell,” as he went off to form 22 Cans and make his Curiosity Cube. However there’s always someone looking for an underlying conspiracy rather than accept reports at face value, and this time that someone is Molyneux’s Twitter twin Molydeux. Molydeux has released a new Cube video, his second, decrying Microsoft’s interference with his grand design.

Nobody but Molyneux knows what’s in Molyneux’s Curiosity Cube; it’s just the first of 22 experiments that he has in mind. Chip away at it enough times – 60 million bits need to be hacked off – and the truth, whatever it may be, is revealed. It’s meant to be a collaborative project, to see whether curiosity alone will keep the player base cutting away. Molydeux has now revealed to the world that Microsoft originally had other ideas for the project.

“This is a rough video edit proposed by [Microsoft’s] marketing team,” says Molydeux. “Not only were they showing my creation as it was not intended, but they were also trying to change the actual game design. I cannot forgive them for this.” Everything from Facebook to Twitter to customizable skins gets a knock in this jarring spoof of a Microsoft marketing campaign. “Featuring the voice of 50 Cent,” the video proposes; doing what, you have to wonder, and the answer is nobody knows. Probably not even Molydeux, and he’s the one who put this spoof together.

It’s beginning to look as though it not only has to live up to Molyneux’s dream, but also Molydeux’s hype. Will it? The release is August 22nd; we’ll find out then, one way or the other.

Source: Eurogamer

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