Molyneux: LittleBigPlanet 2008’s Most Innovative Game


Apparently, Lionhead Studios boss Peter Molyneux really likes playing with Sackboy (and honestly, who doesn’t?), because he thinks LittleBigPlanet was the most innovative game of 2008.

Now, Molyneux is certainly no stranger to the idea of innovation – with titles like God-sim-cum-giant-monkey-trainer Black & White under his belt – even if his games do tend to fall slightly short of their grand, overly ambitious plans. Still, it’s hard to argue that he’s unfamiliar with the core concepts that make up a good, innovative game. So, when reports that the veteran game designer has chosen Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet as the most innovative title in the past year, it carries a bit more weight than, say, Joe Forumuser stating the same.

Of course, if one were a cynic, one could easily imagine that the different camps of console fanboys might put their own spin on the matter, looking to uncover Molyneux’s hidden rationale for this statement. After all, Lionhead is owned by Microsoft, whereas LBP was Sony’s flagship title for the tail end of 2008. Cross-platform respect? Psh, every good fanboy knows that sort of thing is impossible – clearly, Molyneux is trying to curry favor with Sony, preparing to jump ship to the PS3 himself. On the other side of the console war, perhaps we’ll see accusations that since Media Molecule was founded by ex-Lionhead employees, this is obviously a transparent attempt by Molyneux to soften them up before welcoming them back in the fold in order to get LittleBigPlanet 2 as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Or one could just as easily imagine that creating a deathtrap-filled level and flinging your floppy-tongued Sackboy into gleeful adventure is just flippin’ awesome, and the fact that Peter Molyneux recognizes it as being one of 2008’s most innovative experiences means that the guy just played the game.

But no. That would just be silly.

(Via Videogaming247)

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