Molyneux Outs First Post-Lionhead Project: 22 Experiments


Best of all, you might be playing a part of it in six weeks.

In an appearance at Imperial College London’s Games and Media Event, famed game creator Peter Molyneux revealed the first information on 22 Experiments, which is coming from his newly-formed studio 22 Cans.

In an exclusive interview with BeefJack’s Lewis Denby, a surprisingly tight-lipped Molyneux shared only a few details on the upcoming project. Molyneux says that 22 Cans’ goal with the project is to produce “22 experiments that we will release digitally on the journey onto the final product that we’re going to make.”

How soon might you see some of 22 Cans’ work? Denby reports that he was told by Molyneux that the first bit of 22 Experiments could be released in as little as six weeks, though he did not say which platforms the title may release for. While he wouldn’t go into particulars about any single experiment, Molyneux told Denby to expect “very very different, unusual, I think very intriguing things.”

During his lecture at Imperial College, Molyneux stressed his growing dissatisfaction with directed game experiences. “I am fed up to the back teeth of consuming other people’s visions – of directors’ and screenwriters’ ideas of what a hero should be; of novelists writing stories that they think are good, but I think are rubbish,” he told the crowd. “Why can’t we have stories about me? I want to have my own unique experiences.”

How this frustration might help inform the development of 22 Experiments is anyone’s guess, but it certainly suggests that Molyneux is encouraging 22 Cans to think outside of the box.

Source: BeefJack

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