Molyneux’s Godus is a Go


Peter Molyneux’s god game kickstarter made its first and second stretch goals.

Godus is a go, and as the Kickstarter comes to a close – at £475,000+ it made its first two stretch goals – a new multiplayer gameplay video has been released. If ever you wanted to know how to defeat Peter Molyneux at his own game, watch it!

The first stretch goal sneaks 3 additional single and multiplayer game modes into Godus. “Whilst we are basing the main inspiration for our competitive multiplayer on Populous and Dungeon Keeper,” said the 22 Cans team on its Kickstarter page, “we would love to explore our land-sculpting and weather technology to inspire some brand new and exciting game modes!” The second stretch goal invokes the ‘build your own sect’ feature, where you can start your own religion or join an existing one.

The Kickstarter still has 30 hours to go at time of writing, so it’s not impossible the third stretch goal – £485,000, James Leach of Black & White and Populous fame writes the story – will be reached. Beyond that, well … anything’s possible for a god, but some things are more likely than others.

Source: Kickstarter

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