Mondays of Thunder


If they can make a movie out of a twenty-year-old toy franchise, why shouldn’t they make a game out of a twenty-year-old movie? That’s the question we were faced with this morning when we opened our mail and found a whole passel of goodies for Piranha Games’ upcoming PlayStation Network exclusive, Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition. And the answer we came to? No reason at all!

The Escapist‘s very own Sack-Boy helped model the officially licensed NASCAR sunglasses as well as the officially unlicensed fuzzy black dice and beer koozie. (Remember, kids: drinking and driving don’t mix.) The package also included a copy of the 1990 movie Days of Thunder in which Tom Cruise drives for businessman Randy Quaid in a car built by cranky mechanic Robert Duvall while also getting lessons in manliness from sexy brain surgeon Nicole Kidman and racing as the teammate of the evil Cary Elwes. They just don’t make them like this anymore, folks. When you consider that this is the movie that made Tom Cruise leave his Scientologist wife Mimi Rogers and marry Nicole Kidman, we’re talking about a piece of Hollywood history here.

The fact sheet that came with the package suggests the game will focus more on the driving bits of the movie and less on the “having sex with your doctor” bits, but we’re hopeful that Piranha Games is just holding the good stuff back from a later DLC pack. In the meantime, gamers can content themselves with the knowledge that they can compete against simulations of top NASCAR drivers like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart on NASCAR Circuit tracks from Daytona to Michigan. Look for Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition later this month.

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