Monster Hunter 4 Opening Video Goes Cinematic


Capcom released the Monster Hunter 4 opening video, showcasing dramatic visuals and audio.

Leaping, grappling, and climbing, characters in Monster Hunter 4 will chase down all sorts of enemies in the next game of the series set to release in Japan on September 14 for the Nintendo 3DS. The video includes a buildup of orchestral music accompanying a three-minute fight scene through various sceneries. Anyone wanting to take advantage of wide spaces and three-dimensional movement is in luck as the cinematic opening teases large amounts of terrain and plenty of movement in both the camera angles and the characters.

Announced two years ago, Monster Hunter 4‘s opening video is not unlike the initial concept video, which first revealed that players would be able to grab on to and ride monsters as well as climb walls. Movements up, down, and around will all be important.

Such as in previous games, players have a variety of weapons to use. The opening video features the use of the insect staff, one of the new weapons to Monster Hunter 4. The staff allows the hunter to send the insect on the staff out to siphon power from enemies or, as seen in the video, distract the enemy’s attention and give the hunter an opening to attack.

And for when monsters are too difficult to take on alone, teamwork is always an option. Two hunters work together in the video to fight a monster too tough for the first hunter to fight singlehandedly.

Capcom has made no announcement about a western localization.

Source: YouTube via Siliconera

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