Monster Hunter, Rathalos, Capcom, trailer, Black Diablos, Milla Jovovich

Rathalos and Black Diablos take center stage in the first full-length trailer for Sony Pictures’ live-action Monster Hunter movie. The footage serves up our best look at the iconic monsters yet and gives us an idea as to how the film’s characters land in the creature-filled universe. Since the Paul W.S. Anderson film was revealed, fans have been worried that the film will bear next-to-no resemblance to its source material. Based on the giant swords and familiar beasts, it looks like the Milla Jovovich-led movie won’t stray too far away from its video game origins, except for all the military soldiers running around. Take a look at the trailer for Capcom’s Monster Hunter movie adaptation below.

Monster Hunter and its antics with Black Diablos, Rathalos, and Jovovich were previously set for theaters on April 23, 2021, but it was recently moved forward, now scheduled to release on Dec. 30, 2020. Whether the Sony film will stick to this revised 2020 date remains to be seen.

We first heard of Capcom’s plans to create a Monster Hunter movie adaptation in late 2018. A leaked trailer eventually gave us a look at game-accurate versions of Rathalos and Black Diablos, and some character posters for Jovovich and co-star Tony Jaa came in February of this year. Capcom provided an official look at Black Diablos earlier this month with a quick teaser trailer.

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