Moon-Crashin’ Planetary Annihilation Gets a Release Date, Launch Trailer


Crashing moons into planets starts on September 5th, now Steam Greenlight-free!

Uber Entertainment just threw a one-two combo at the Internet, confirming the release date for Planetary Annihilation, and posting its launch trailer to YouTube.

Planetary Annihilation will officially hit retail on September 5th, with Steam being the sole seller of with the galactic-ally large RTS hitting Steam, Origin, Humble Bundle, and the official Uber Store.

The retail release will surely garner plenty of attention on Steam, but the successor to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander has been playable in one form or another for some time. The Kickstarter-funded Alpha started in June 2013, followed by a Steam Early Access release following in the same month.

Gameplay in Planetary Annihilation is certainly a callback to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, albiet on a larger scale. Even the original narrator for Total Annihilation, John Patrick Lowrie, is back in his omniscient role.

Have you been participating in Planetary Annihilation’s early access run? Drop your thoughts on the RTS in the comments.

…and while you’re here, be sure to enjoy the opening cinematic from Total Annihilation, from the heady days of 1997 FMV glory.

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