More EVE Online Shenanigans: GoonSwarm Ganks Band Of Brothers


There’s been a lot of action in EVE Online lately, but if early reports are correct it will all seem like small potatoes compared to GoonSwarm’s reported assimilation and destruction of Band of Brothers.

Details are still a bit scarce, but apparently The Mittani, leader of the Goonfleet Intelligence Agency, managed to convince a very high-ranking director in Band of Brothers to turn traitor and join GoonSwarm. Which in itself is bad enough, but according to a Shacknews reports, he brought trillions of Band of Brother’s ISK, the in-game currency, with him.

And that’s not all. GoonSwarm has a long and not-entirely-pleasant history with the (previously) larger and more powerful BoB, it seems, and once the alliance recognized the full extent of the opportunity before it, it went to work. First came the entire capital fleet of Black Nova Corporation, a central player in the BoB alliance, amounting to roughly 15 fully-equipped dreadnoughts, along with “hundreds and hundreds” of other ships and several stacks of fuel, all stolen and transferred to GoonSwarm by the defector.

Then, turning the screws even further, the turncoat actually disbanded the entire BoB alliance, allowing GoonSwarm to seize the name; former Band of Brothers members can reform an alliance, but the BoB name is permanently lost to them. Even the private Band of Brothers alliance forums have been laid bare to GoonSwarm, which has archived all of them and intends to open them to the public at some point in the future.

“Today we destroyed BoB” The Mittani wrote in the EVE Online forums. “Thanks for the free capfleet towers and ISK.”

“Barros de la jefes more like barros de la 0wned,” he added cryptically.

Some players seem to feel that the sheer magnitude of the destruction of Band of Brothers may be enough to drive CCP toward implementing some form of control over in-game activities, but I certainly hope that’s not the case. I don’t play EVE (yet), but I do enjoy watching human nature run amok. An audio file describing the event, created by The Mittani, is available here.

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