More Left 4 Dead 1 DLC to Come After Crash Course


Good news for those who swear eternal allegiance to the first Left 4 Dead and no other: Valve is currently working on downloadable content for the game that will be released after the new campaign this month.

Those devious manipulators at Valve sure know how to turn a situation around to their favor. Remember those boycotters who Valve flew out to convert into Left 4 Dead 2 acolytes? Of course you do, that news only broke yesterday.

Well, apparently Valve’s got them doing publicity work too, now. One of the boycotters, a fellow who goes by Walking_Target, is spreading the word that Valve doesn’t plan to stop supporting Left 4 Dead 1 with DLC after the new campaign, Crash Course, comes out this month.

“There is more DLC for Left 4 Dead coming after Crash Course,” Walking_Target wrote. “We were given a rough idea of what it should be, however we were asked not to talk too much about it so it didn’t ‘influence the creative process.’ I can tell you this: it’ll either be a new Special Infected, a new Campaign or new Weapon(s). It’s definitely one of the three, perhaps more.”

Walking_Target also bugged Valve’s developers about fixes for Left 4 Dead‘s numerous little problems, and was assured that things are being worked on. “I was told that bug and exploit fixes are being worked on, just like interoperability (aka. cross play),” he wrote. “We talked about the problems with some of the L4D weapons and things like stacking/camping. It was mentioned that there ‘should be fixes for that’ coming in the near future.”

Now, is that enough proof that Valve isn’t abandoning Left 4 Dead yet?

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