More Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Cards Revealed


The traditional Blizzard “slow trickle” of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards continues.

One of the biggest reveals at BlizzCon this year was the new Hearthstone expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. As usual, Blizzard revealed a number of the expansion’s cards right off the bat (31 to be exact) but is allowing the remaining 101 cards to be slowly revealed day by day. We’ve collected all of the cards that have been unveiled since the initial BlizzCon announcement for your convenient viewing pleasure.

Check them out below:

Lots of interesting stuff in this batch! Two new legendaries are revealed: Shaku, the Collector, and Auctionmaster Beardo. Shaku functions similarly to Cutpurse, but with the addition of stealth almost guaranteeing he’ll get one hit off. Beardo on the other hand… I’m not sure where this would work. We already have cards that allow you multiple uses of your hero power, like Coldarra Drake, and they already don’t really see much play.

Other than that, we see a few more of these “multi-class” cards, which honestly, have fairly bland text so far. I understand they need to be balanced for all three classes, but still…

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments! Click here to see all the previously revealed cards.

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