More Speculation About The PS3 Slim


The idea of the PS3 Slim is one that isn’t going away any time soon, as a French retailer adds more fuel to the rumor fire.

Speculation continues about the PS3 Slim in Europe today as French media site JVN contacted an anonymous retailer who apparently revealed details of the new, cut-price console.

The source confirmed that the PS3 Slim was real, and would be released in Europe next month at a cost of €300, which is roughly the same price predicted by British newspaper The Telegraph last week. It’s not possible to verify the information given by the source at this point, but the PS3 Slim is such a persistent rumor, it’s hard to believe that a rumor is all it is.

With Gamescon just around the corner it seem an ideal time for Sony to announce something big.What remains to be seen however is whether or not such a relatively small drop in price is sufficient for Sony to take the number two spot.

Source: Joystiq

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