Mother Finds Kidnapped Children On Facebook


Thanks to Facebook, a mother was able to find her two children that were kidnapped fifteen years ago.

Believe it or not, Facebook can be useful for more than inane status updates about bacon and hassling people to give you virtual gifts. A California mother was able to reunite with her kidnapped children after successfully searching for them on the social network.

The mother, who was not named, lost contact with her 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son when they were kidnapped by her husband Faustino Utrera 15 years ago. She never gave up the hunt, and discovered that the now teenagers were living in Central Florida when she searched for and found her daughter on Facebook. I guess we know who the favorite child is.

After first finding her daughter, she requested a FarmVille ostrich topiary in exchange for an apple tree. After receiving the topiary, she contacted police, who were able to locate Utrera and the children in Florida. Did you really expect a Facebook story without a FarmVille mention?

Utrera is now in jail, and the children are back in custody of the mother. Sadly, even though proper justice was served here, it’ll likely be tough for both parties involved to rebuild the relationship that was severed for 15 years. Facebook and other social networks have plenty of downfalls, this situation shows the power that they have to do good in this crazy world.

Source: Wesh via Gizmodo

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