Motorola Will Let You Try an Off-Contract Moto X for One Cent

Motorola Moto X 310x

One cent gets you a Moto X for two weeks. Don’t like it? Return the phone with no penalties.

Motorola’s Moto X is a solid mid-range smartphone. It might not blow your doors off on the hardware front, but it’s 10 MP camera, dual-core CPU, and 720p display are going to handle most tasks you throw at them admirably. And its off-contract starting price of $349.99 is easier to swallow than the $600 or so you’ll shell out for a non-subsidized Galaxy S5.

Along with introducing a new 64 GB model, Motorola is rolling out a new Try Then Buy program for its flagship smartphone. If you’re interested in the Moto X, but don’t want to make a full commitment, you can buy one direct from Motorola for one penny. And that includes off-contract models and customized phones made in Moto Maker.

Once you get your one cent wonderphone, you have two weeks to check out the hardware before you have to make a final decision. If you want to keep the Moto X, Motorola charges the rest of the cost to your credit card. If you don’t dig it? Send it back to Moto, no harm, no foul. Those who elect to keep the phone will also get discount codes for Moto X accessories.

Most wireless companies do have a smartphone return policy, but it’s hardly consumer-friendly. When I bought my HTC One m8 back in April, the Verizon rep informed me that I had 14 days to return the phone, but a $35 restocking fee would withheld from my refund. $35 on-contract, versus one cent off-contract? Quite the difference in customer service philosophies, I see.

Source: PCWorld

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