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Spider-Man is about to lose his crown as the youngest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) hero. Today Marvel dropped the first trailer for its upcoming Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, bringing in a new character to the world of the MCU and the universe’s first Muslim hero. The trailer delivers a coming-of-age story in a world that already has heroes in it, through the eyes of a girl who doesn’t always see herself reflected in the Avengers’ ranks. It also reveals a Ms. Marvel release date of June 8, 2022.

The Marvel trailer opens with a bit of a Scott Pilgrim vibe as we see Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel’s (Iman Vellani) life mixed with her comic book daydreams. Whether or not that will actually play out in the series itself isn’t clear though, as the trailer quickly drops the style once Kamala becomes a superhero. In the series, Kamala Khan is a teenage girl in Jersey who idolizes the Avengers and feels out of place in her school and community. Then one day, she discovers her own powers, becoming the hero she always wanted to be and finding out it might not be what she had hoped for.

The cast for the show includes Aramis Knight, Saagar Shaikh, Rish Shah, Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur, Matt Lintz, Yasmeen Fletcher, Laith Nakli, Azhar Usman, Travina Springer, and Nimra Bucha. Marvel went through an extensive casting process to find Vellani, who it is hoping will help usher in the next wave of more diverse MCU superheroes. The studio also has America Chavez debuting in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Ms. Marvel will be showing up herself in films, starting with the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels.

Ms. Marvel will be the next Disney+ series after Moon Knight lands this month.

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