MS Pokes Sony Sore Spot: Home Delay

Following Sony’s announcement that its online Home system will be delayed, a Microsoft official took some shots at the company’s understanding of the technology.

Microsoft’s Neil Thompson said the delays were due to Sony’s failure to properly estimate consumer wants.

“I think one of the disappointing/interesting things I heard from them at the Tokyo Game Show was that they just delayed the [Home] online service delivery again,” he said. “That’s more interesting, because I think they underestimated how challenging it is to deliver this sort of service, and to deliver the elements of the service that consumers really want.”

A senior regional director for the U.K. and Ireland at Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, Thompson also predicted Sony was somewhat pressed to produce results for the holidays:

“Well, what they announce at TGS and what they decide to do in any given market in time are not necessarily directly aligned, I think. But Sony will be doing things between now and Christmas I’m sure, they can’t afford not to really, given the way that that particular business is going for them at the moment.”

Even if and when Home ships, Thompson said the release of the final product may still be unsatisfactory.

“It would be good to see the reality versus what they had on the blueprints – what they wanted to deliver against what they can actually deliver, because I know they generated a lot of interest based on what they said last year.”


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