MTV Networks Partners with Korean MMO Developer


MTV Networks partners with Nexon to market Japanese online games in North America.

At the GSTAR 2006 Gameshow in Seoul, Korea, MTV Networks Executive Vice President Stephen Youngwood and Nexon Japan CEO David Lee announced an alliance between MTV Networks and Korean game publisher Nexon, creators of Kingdom of the Wind and various massively-multiplayer online games. MTV will handle marketing various Nexon projects, including Maple Story, Audition, and Kart Rider, in North America on MTV’s various television networks and online sites.

In return, Nexon will add MTV branded accessories to their titles. MTV Networks’ Neopets MMO game will be receiving a facelift from Nexon, who will be marketing the game in Asia alongside Nexon properties and adding new virtual items for purchase.

During his GSTAR speech, David Lee commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to establish this mutually beneficial partnership with one of the world’s leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms and the premier media partner in North America for Nexon’s wide ranging target audience. We are confident that through the alliance, Neopets will gain strong momentum in successfully serving its users with more value added services and that Nexon will be able to rapidly expand in the North American market.”

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