Muppets Parody Green Lantern in New Movie Trailer


Don’t make jokes about Kermit’s height, he packs a mean banjo.

If you weren’t already excited – or at least intrigued – by the new Muppets movie, then here’s something that might just pique your interest. Riffing on a certain summer movie, which features a certain lantern-based emerald protagonist, the new trailer for the film is positively superheroic.

This isn’t the first time the marketing for The Muppets has done something a little quirky: The movie’s reveal trailer was disguised as the rather generic rom-com “Green With Envy.” This new trailer has the same self-aware, fourth wall breaking humor, and I’m not ashamed to say that parts of it made me laugh out loud.

Besides Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the other Muppets, the movie stars Jason Segal – who also co-wrote it – Amy Adams, and Chris Cooper, and tells the story of a Muppet fan who brings the gang back together to save the Muppet Theater from a greedy developer. Statler and Waldorf – two cantankerous and incredibly hard to please old men – also appear in this trailer, which will no doubt delight their many fans.

The movie, titled simply “The Muppets,” arrives in theaters on November 23rd. Hopefully we’ll get lots more trailers like this before then.

Source: Wired

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