This music video shows off Minecraft from space, on the back of a rocket pig.

Minecraft has taken players into the depths of hell and it might bring them into the sky dimension, but space doesn’t seem to have been a consideration yet. The Minecraft Universe music video gives us a peek at what it’d be like if it were.

Eric Fullerton’s Minecraft Universe starts off as a relatively simple light show activated by switches. When he hops into a mine-cart, things change significantly. This might be the part where the raver kids break out their glow sticks.

His trip across the world of Minecraft is likely enhanced by this mod, making the land undulate. And while that’s all good and cool, then he launches into space.

Luckily, he lands on the back of a rocket pig, powered by… I don’t even want to think about it. And this isn’t just any version of space, it’s Minecraft space. Planets are made out of blocks, and cute Minecraft aliens wave as you rocket by.

Sadly, the whole thing is just a dream for now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen someday. Building our own Minecraft worlds is fun, but what about building entire universes?

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