image, an online social network dedicated to the Muslim community, has announced the forthcoming launch of the world’s first Muslim-oriented virtual world.

Described as “not unlike Second Life,” the new online world is designed to fit within the standards of the Muslim world, and is thus expected to be allowed through the IP blocks enforced by countries like the United Arab Emirates, which keep people from accessing games and content deemed objectionable to Muslim culture. The new virtual community “will allow the opportunity to wear a hijab, and go to prayer rooms,” although presumably there will be more to it than that. Muxlim itself is a “standard social network offering community features, blogs and video sharing.” Vice President Ashar Saeed said the Muslim virtual world should attract sponsorships from companies like Coca-Cola, which already advertise heavily in the online space, while direct revenues will be generated via VIP accounts, the sale of both virtual and physical merchandise, advertising and “branded communities.”, which went live in December 2006, currently attracts roughly 1.5 million unique visits per month; the new venture, which was not named, is expected to launch in 4-6 weeks.

Source: TechCrunch

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