Empire Interactive has announced the ground-breaking adventure Myst will be coming to the Nintendo DS, along with an all-new Age and other enhancements.

The game will feature an original soundtrack, remastered video and the Rime Age, which was not included in the original release. Game control will be handled via the stylus, while the system’s dual screen will be used to provide additional information to the player, with the upper screen showing information and magnified images, while the lower screen is used to navigate through the game world. New tools available to players will include a magnifier, camera, notebook and map.

“As one of the strongest videogame franchises in history, with more than 12 million games sold, we felt it was only natural to partner with Hoplite Research and Cyan Worlds to bring Myst to an innovative system like the DS,” said Empire Interactive Vice President Karim Farghaly. “The DS addition to the Myst game library allows players to take advantage of new features created exclusively for the DS, while still maintaining the integrity of this classic game, creating a refreshed, on-the-go adventure experience for gamers of all ages.”

Developed by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller and first released in 1993, Myst was the best-selling game of all time prior to the release of The Sims, and has thus far spawned four direct sequels, one spin-off, two remakes, three novels, numerous parodies and an MMOG. It also led to a surge in puzzle-based first-person adventure games commonly referred to, often derisively, as “Myst clones.”

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