One of the most perplexing objects on the planet might be this box made of Legos.

A creator named Todd Wilder has created a box made of Legos that is much more complicated than it first appears. Trying to open the box requires mental fortitude on the level of Professor Layton.

It might look like a coffee table, but his creation is so much more. The small box is rightfully adorned with question marks and has 8 hidden compartments, but they can only be opened in a specific order.

The sequence is best explained through Wilder’s images. First, you have to pop out four hidden drawers on the box’s sides. Once you’ve done so, a pillar can be raised out of the top of the box. The inside of the pillar can be pulled out with a key, which is probably in the possession of Nate Drake from Uncharted right now. On top of the pillar, another small compartment can be removed. Finally, once you’ve done all of that, a large tray pulls out of the side of the box. Exhausting.

The box itself is impressive, but I also like the colorful question mark theme Wilder infused throughout each compartment. He created the box by painstakingly working out a design in a PC paint program, and then taking this design to Lego Digital Designer, a program that allows users to build with virtual Legos and purchase a set from Lego. Once Wilder finished his design, it was made up of nearly 8,000 pieces, so he decided to go through a third-party Lego shop rather than spend $1,800 on the set Lego would have put together.

After 35 separate orders, and constantly reloading his 2,000 page manual for the box, he finally got it done. He says the herculean task was completed with a strong belief in himself and plenty of sticktoitiveness. The only thing he forgot were defense measures, like electric shocks or spikes, just in case a puzzle solver happens to decide that a hammer might get the job done more quickly.

Source: MOCpages, via Boing Boing

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