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Mythos Dev Diary #3: Rune Gates


Mythos Developer Diary #003: Rune Gates


This is the third entry in Redbana’s ongoing Mythos developer diary here on Here you’ll find updates on the development of Mythos, as well as insight into new features, characters and places within the game.
Today’s diary will be a sneak peak into accessing the Rune Gates that players will encounter in the land of Uld. Rune Gates are the passage to the hidden Rune Dungeons, where players will be able explore and battle enemies.

Please note that some of the screenshots below have not been translated from Korean yet. Rest assured, we’re localizing everything for the US release!

Creating Rune Stones

Rune Stones will be required in order to enter Rune gates. There are two types of Rune Stones available – normal Rune Stones and Ancient Rune Stones.

Ancient Rune Stones must be created using Ancient Rune Shards, which are dropped by normal or boss monsters and regular Rune Stones, which can be purchased from a Rune Stone Merchant. Players can then create Ancient Rune Stones by combining these two items using in-game crafting tools. You can get the Ancient Rune Shards in the same colors as the Rune Gates.

image image

Rune Gates and Rune Dungeons

Once you’ve found and created the Rune Stones that match the Rune Gate you wish to enter, you can now pass through the gate and enter the Rune Dungeon below. Here’s a sneak preview of what the Rune Gates will look like in Mythos:

Blue Rune Gate: Windmill Town:


Green Rune Gate: Archaeology Inquiry:


Yellow Rune Gate: Kingdom in ruins:


Red Rune Gate: Fathomless Fissure:


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