Namco Building Life-Sized Gundam


The Japanese are getting their Statue of Liberty: a life-sized, 59-foot tall upright Gundam.

Over in Japan, they take their Gundam seriously, and when the franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary later this year, a new movie or anime series just ain’t gonna cut it. No, the only proper celebration is erecting a life-sized, 59-foot-tall Gundam statue in Tokyo this July.

Built from fiberglass-reinforced plastic on top of a steel frame, the statue will be up for only two months in Shiokaze Park. It’ll be a sight to see in broad daylight, but even moreso at night: fifty points on the statue will shoot out light and another fourteen points will emit mist for maximum coolness.

This isn’t the first time a gigantic Gundam statue has been built in Japan, but it’s the largest scale project yet. So far, there’s been a 33-foot-tall statue and a 23-foot-tall one, as well as another life-size one, but that one apparently couldn’t stand upright and was built lying on its back.

Bandai Namco is designing the statue so that it can be disassembled easily, according to Anime News Network. Which, of course, means that it can be reassembled easily, when the galactic space wars inevitably begin.

[Via Kotaku]

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