Namco Notices Dark Souls PC Petition


Over 70,000 gamers want the crushing difficulty of Dark Souls, and Namco Bandai has heard their plea.

Apparently, many PC gamers felt that The Witcher 2 was just not hard enough, because now they want Dark Souls. A group of passionate fans on the Namco Bandai forums decided that Dark Souls would be a natural fit for the PC gaming crowd and devised a petition saying as much. In just a little over a week, the petition has accrued over 70,000 signatures. Word of the petition has now reached an administrator on the forums, who promises that his bosses are well aware of it and considering their options carefully.

Tony Shoupinou, a community manager for Namco Bandai, has been following the Dark Souls petition thread since the beginning, and is impressed with the turnout so far. “I honestly wasn’t expecting such a massive support,” writes Shoupinou. While he does not promise a PC port – or even comment on its likelihood – he assures fans that his bosses have heard about the petition’s success, and are monitoring it to see what happens from here. Regardless of what his bosses think, though, Shoupinou himself is a fan of the idea. “If you wanted to have the attention of Namco Bandai Games, now you have it. The future is in your hands, and I hope you will keep supporting this.”

PC gamers who want Dark Souls still have a ways to go before their dream becomes a reality, but getting Namco’s attention is definitely a big step in the right direction. With any luck, you, too, will soon have the opportunity to be roasted by dragons, poisoned by frogs, and eaten by treasure chests.

Source: Namco Forums via G4

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