The apartment of Naruto‘s titular character is valued as if it were in Kansai, Japan.

After watching episodes of Naruto and knowledge of real estate and the Naruto universe, Movoto Real Estate has determined that the fictional apartment of Naruto Uzumaki would cost $100,000.

Movoto Real Estate came to this figure by examining the size of Naruto’s apartment, its size, and comparable properties. It determined the real life equivalent of Hidden Leaf Village, where Naruto lives, would be Shiga prefecture in Kansai, Japan because of similar terrain. Naruto’s apartment itself is simple; he lives in a one-bedroom apartment at the top of the building with a view of the village. Movoto Real Estate estimates the size of each of the two rooms in the apartment is approximately 144 square feet. Adding in the size of the bathroom, storage spaces, and hallways not depicted in the series totals to about 400 square feet. Prices for one-bedroom properties in Kansai have an average price of $250 per square foot, leading to the final figure of $100,000 to buy the apartment. To put it in perspective, Movoto Real Estate says $100,000 could get you 228 bowls of ramen from Ramen Ichiraku, the fictional ramen restaurant in Naruto.

Movoto Real Estate has also valued the properties of The Hobbit‘s Erebor ($6,181,783,380), Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy’s apartment ($463,000), Adventure Time‘s Finn and Jake’s tree house ($749,000), and the homes of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V (altogether $26 million). More fictional real estate property listings are on the way.

Source: Movoto

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