A sweaty backside while gaming can be a terrible thing.

“Swamp Ass.” It’s a phenomenon that most gamers are sadly all too familiar with. You’re sitting on your couch, shooting some faces in Call of Duty: The Newest One, and then you begin to feel oddly moist. Like a perfect storm, the sweat on your back and the warmth of the couch combine to wreak havoc, only it’s on your backside instead of shorefront property.

Actor Nathan Fillion, best known to nerds for his role as Captain Mal Reynolds on Firefly – and known to gamers for his work in games like Halo 3: ODST and his desire to play Nathan Drake on the big screen – thinks that more people need to be aware of this tragic issue that affects millions around the world.

Fillion and Break.com have teamed up to produce this Public Service Announcement that you see here to the right, to raise awareness about the dangers of Swamp Ass – because the more we know about it, the more we can fight it. With hair dryers. Between raids.

Thanks, Cap’n Mal. You’re awfully shiny for doing this.

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