Naughty JRPG Includes Mouse Pad Featuring Boobs


If there’s one way to get gamers into stores, it’s by offering to sell them something completely embarrassing.

Publisher Aksys Games is definitely pandering to a certain audience in the marketing of Record of Agarest War. Aksys recently announced that the limited edition of the game will include a vulnerable anime girl pillowcase along with a vulnerable anime girl mouse pad, with 3D boobs to rest the wrist on of course.

I’m all for a cool mouse pad that would stop this awful pain I feel from being a regular computer user, but a mouse pad with boobs would just be embarrassing to use. It’d have to be hidden from everybody other than my pets, and even they would probably look at me funny if they saw me using it. Still, it is a really hilarious item that could be broken out when the house is empty, and it’s funny to see this normally Japanese-only goodness coming to North America.

My confusion on Record of Agarest War revolves around whether it is actually a porn game or not. Every description of the game details a standard tactical RPG, with combos, SP, 100 hours of gameplay, and the like, while everything else emphasizes naked anime girls. I mean, look at this trailer, that guy is having sex with the game disc!

Record of Agarest War does have the “Soul Breed” system, through which players can form relationships with female characters to give birth to heroes later in the game, but if it was all-out porn it wouldn’t be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime in the Spring. Agarest was originally going to be released only as a download on the PlayStation Network, but Aksys is now doing a retail release as well with this limited edition for the Xbox 360. To find out more, visit Record of Agarest War‘s website. By “find out more,” I mean to see a picture of an anime girl eating a pine cone.

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