Navigate Westeros with this Google Maps version of Game of Thrones


Too bad there’s not a street view.

Google Maps Game of Thrones

Ever find yourself thinking about how convenient it would be to have an easy to use, in-depth map of Westeros at your fingertips, detailed with major roads and cities? Well, thankfully, Reddit user selvag created an incredible Google Maps version of the Westerosi map so you can chart your path all the way from the frigid temps of Castle Black to down to the warm sands of Dorne.

The map does a good job of explaining just how far south Dorne really is and where Essos in the east lies. The North, in all its glory and massive size, is reflected well, and you can follow the Kingsroad into and out of King’s Landing easily. What we don’t see on this map is Meereen, or how far away it is from pretty much anything on this map.

Take a look at the full map below and click through for a larger view. While this map isn’t interactive, it’s still pretty awesome to see Westeros in a Google Maps skin.


Source: Nerdist

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