NBA Team Logos Re-imagined With Pokemon Mascots


Ever wonder which Pokemon would represent which NBA team?

Sadly, we live in a world populated by regular, boring, everyday animals like dogs, cats, and wolverines, rather than the fantastical creatures of the Pokemon universe. But what if we didn’t? Some talented artists have imagined what America’s NBA team mascots would be, if we lived in the Pokemon world. From the Orlando Magikarp to the Chicago Tauros, please enjoy this gallery of Poke-fied NBA team logos:

The artist(s) has done a fantastic job, but we are having a bit of trouble identifying him/her/them. The imgur album was uploaded by user Muscles Micah, although the gallery was originaly posted on Neogaf by user Snakeyes. Whoever made these, we salute you!

I especially like how some of the teams keep their real world names (like the Orlando Magikarp), while others take the name of a Pokemon town/area (like the Kanto Ember), while still paying homage to the original basketball team’s logo.

Source: Imgur via Neogaf

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