Square Enix wants you to know that Moon Diver is just as cool a name as Necromachina.

Bad news, action fans. Square Enix’s upcoming action-adventure, Necromachina is being delayed by the publisher until this Spring, which is unsurprising since the game was originally scheduled to be released in 2010. Not only that, but the title is being released under its original name.

According to “Shiina” (no last name given), the assistant producer with the Takehiro Ando team:

“We’ll change the title; ‘Necromachina’ to ‘Moon Diver.'(same as Japanese title)
It is because we believe ‘Moon Diver’ is as cool as ‘Necromachina’ and much easier to be understood worldwide.

Next, we rescheduled its release date.
It’s originally set in 2010 but is now scheduled for release in spring 2011.

Square Enix hasn’t provided any release date info more definite than this. Personally, I disagree with Shiina. I think Necromachina sounds a lot cooler than Moon Diver, especially for a game that sounds like it’s a somewhat nihilistic, post-apocalyptic side-scrolling action adventure with elements of Faust thrown in.

Source: Square Enix via Joystiq

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