NeoGAF Raises $5,600 for Game Charity


Members of gaming forum NeoGAF donated $5,600 worth of games and cash to The Get-Well Gamers Foundation.

California-based entertainment charity The Get-Well Gamers Foundation announced that it had received a $5,600 contribution in cash and products from the first-annual Contribute to Society drive conducted by videogame community NeoGAF. The fund was open from October 15 through December 8, and allowed members of the gaming industry to advance the work of Get-Well Gamers’s goal of entertaining patients in healthcare facilities across America.

NeoGAF Owner Tyler Malka said, “The Contribute to Society charity drive began with the idea of using an event we had earlier in the year, involving a high profile forum member asking someone what his contribution to society was, and channeling some of its exposure into a good cause. Jason Kwong, one of our senior staff and Contribute to Society organizer, had seen Ryan Sharpe and Get-Well Gamers in action previously and having been impressed he suggested that we team up for a donation drive. We’re proud to support Get-Well Gamers in their endeavor to bring games to hospitalized children.”

“It was a great pleasure to work with Tyler and the NeoGAF community. Their generosity will enable the foundation to greatly expand its network as we move into 2008 and we are honored to have been chosen as the inaugural charity in the Contribute to Society series,” said Get-Well Gamers President Ryan Sharpe.

To help contribute to the Get-Well Gamers Foundation, visit their website to read on how to send money, systems, and tax-deductible donations.

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