Nerf Gives Squirt Guns Action Movie Upgrade


Nerf has beefed up its water guns with an idea borrowed from actual guns.

There’s something very satisfying about watching an action movie star slam another magazine into his or her weapon of choice, before dispatching hordes of villainous henchmen. You and I might not get into quite so many gun fights, but with summer coming up, there’s every chance you might get into a water fight, and thanks to the folks at Nerf, you can recreate your own action movie moments, without having to fatally wound anyone.

The chunky magazines have watertight valves on the top so that they don’t leak, and hold up to 10 fl.oz, or just a little less than 300 ml. There are a couple of guns that use the magazines: the Nerf Super Soaker “Thunderstorm,” and the Nerf Super Soaker “Tornado Strike.” Slightly silly names aside, the guns look pretty cool: The Tornado Strike is shaped like a submachine gun, while the Thunderstorm is a battery-operated pistol, which doesn’t require pumping and is capable of fully automatic fire. Best of all, the guns and the magazines are all pretty cheap. The guns cost between $15 and $20, and spare magazines cost $4.

This is the kind of idea that seems so obvious and simple, you’re surprised that no one thought of it before. After all, not having to go and refill your gun so often is almost certain to give you the edge in any water fight, regardless of who it’s with. Heck, you could even invest in a couple of bandoleers if you wanted, although that’s probably overkill.

Source: Ars Technica

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