New 2D and 3D Mario Games Coming to 3DS


Nintendo promises to satisfy the needs of both 2D and 3D Super Mario fans with its 3DS lineup.

Nintendo’s side-scrolling Super Mario titles might sell much better than his adventures in 3D, but Nintendo recognizes that there’s an audience for each type. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto recently said that when it comes to the 3DS, the entire Super Mario audience will be satisfied with Nintendo’s offerings because they’ll include new titles in both 2D and 3D.

At a Q&A session that occurred during a recent Nintendo earnings briefing, Miyamoto admitted that certain Mario fans just don’t enjoy 3D titles like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. “When Super Mario became Mario 64, the range of players narrowed greatly,” he said. With Super Mario Galaxy, Miyamoto’s goal was to make a 3D Mario that anyone could play, but it didn’t quite reach the mark. As a result, the company went back to 2D and developed New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which was more successful at retail than Galaxy.

However, the sales figures for the Wii’s Super Mario titles haven’t stopped Miyamoto and Nintendo from keeping both types of the plumber’s adventures alive. “When asked ‘what will we do on 3DS,’ the answer is, of course, we’ll make both,” Miyamoto revealed. “They both have their own appeal.” No specific Mario titles outside of Paper Mario for 3DS have been announced, but we apparently have plenty on the way.

Miyamoto actually sees the 3DS as a system that can improve the way a 3D Mario game plays. He said that while the depth of platforms in a 3D game can be difficult to perceive at times, the 3DS’s screen may help this aspect to become more prominent. Further, Miyamoto said the 3DS will enable the 2D Mario games to use enemies that come at the player from the background, amongst other new techniques. These are examples of how, in Nintendo’s eye, the 3DS’s glasses-free 3D effect may be more than a gimmick and actually improve gameplay in various ways.

To end the talk, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata told Miyamoto: “You went more in-depth than I’d been expected. This is the first I’ve heard of this.” Miyamoto replied: “No good? Don’t tell any game magazine people.” It’s far too late for that.

Source: Andriasang

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